Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why does my ex blush and ignore eye contact? ?

I dated a girl for 4 months and we broke up 6 months ago (her choice). We recently began working in the same office again and when I talk to her, she goes bright red and avoids eye contact. We still get along really well and I'm now confused. I can't remember her being shy when we dated. any ideas?Why does my ex blush and ignore eye contact? ?
It's one of two possible reasons. You'll love the first, hate the second.

First reason: She's reevaluated, and she realizes that she's still VERY attracted to you. She wants to get back on your bus, but she doesn't quite know how to do it.

Second reason: She's humiliated that she ever went out with you. She considers you below her standard, and she's terrified that anyone in the office will find out that the two of you dated, because that might negatively affect what she perceives to be her ';status'; in the singles hierarchy of the office environment.

Now, you're the one who knows the young lady's personality, so it's up to you to figure out what signal she is sending. I certainly hope it is the first option rather than the second!Why does my ex blush and ignore eye contact? ?
that is so cute :) she likes you and she just doesn't know how to behave. it is very obvious that she is shy. i think if you are interested you should talk to her, you shoudl be bolder. probably she thinks you don't like her and she doesn't want to look like a love fool, so she tries to avoid you.
1. awkward feelings that you're both back at friendship level

2. very much into you
she's shy now...not because its her nature, but because she probably feels weird seeing you around after a relationship with you...not many people see their exes around so often except they are in high school or something
She might still be attracted 2 u n regrets breaking up %26lt;333

or she might feel wierd that ur around n stuff cz ur her exx

i think she likes youuuuu :)

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