Thursday, June 24, 2010

Does it look cute when a girl blushes?

guys mostly...

i have kinda red cheeks and you can sooooo tell when im blushing is it cute? i am always so embarresedDoes it look cute when a girl blushes?
HELL YEAH! definetly one of the cutest things ever! ecsssspeccccially when you make her blush!Does it look cute when a girl blushes?
well, it usually depends on the situation. if they're making a move, they might then feel really uncomfortable. but if you get embarrassed by something someone said they usually don't mind.
Why don't you worry more about your spelling and school grades?

Blushing can be times. Overblushing ruins the effect, though, I'd assume.
A little but bitting on your lip is a turn on for me
i think its sexy
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