Thursday, June 24, 2010

I noticed my ';crush'; blushing when she saw me staring at her, but she told me she doesn't like me?

I'm confused on why she is blushing when she sees me looking at her, since she told me that she isn't interested in me? All she told me in the past was that I was very nice, etc? Any ideas on what all this means? Thanks!I noticed my ';crush'; blushing when she saw me staring at her, but she told me she doesn't like me?
Well, everyone likes to know that someone thinks they are worthy of a crush. Sounds like she is very young and may not be able to talk or date boys. She can like you but sometimes parents don't let their daughters have choices when it comes to boys. I noticed my ';crush'; blushing when she saw me staring at her, but she told me she doesn't like me?
There would be no blushing if she were not interested! Do this talk to her about this problem you have with this really beautiful girl that likes you alot. Ask her what to do. Ask her if you should go out with her or not. Talk to her a few times about this imaginary but totally beautiful girl and ask her what you should do about her. You can get fake phone calls, letters etc. That's the only way you will find out how she feels about you if she feels anything at all. This works everytime trust me! Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!1


One Smooth operater lol
hey be careful because if she says she likes you one day but doesn't want a relationship and you do it sucks because i am in that situation. i liked this girl and we started to talk and became really close then i find out she likes me to but she didn't want to commit and it sucks you should keep your distance and at the same time not be mean or anything just be careful because it is hard when it goes to far because i cant see myself dating anyone else cause i like this girl al ot and i don't want to hurt her. it sucks women are very complex. good luck just don't get to close to fast keep your distance.
That I do.

Perhaps she is just afraid?

Maybe she really does like you she just cant tell you...sounds weird...but you know us girls...were hard to figure out...hell most of the time we cant even figure ourselves out.

I would just continue you be nice to her, seems like your doing a really good job.

And even if she doesn't ';like'; you the way you want her too, your affection is probably still flattering. =)
ahahah she likes uuuuuuuuuuuu :,

hahah thats what i do EVERY TIME I EVEN SEE MY FCKING CRUSH. UGH i hate it- it gets embarrassing.

and it makes everything noticeable.

that u like someone.

and yes she duz like u if shes blushing!!

that or shes embarrassed,

or she dont know she likes u yet and shes bout 2 crush over u.

cuz i blushed b4 i crushed HAHAH

love is so outrageous
well it could be many reasons, did she actually say she doesnt like you... if not then maybe she was playing hard to get, to get you to do more than just ask ';do you like me'; being straight forward isnt always a good thing, i bet she does like you, you just need to do something to show her you really like her, without being too forward
Okay, hmmmm.

i think she totally likes you.

and either 1- doesnt know she does.

2- doesnt want to admit it.

3- is way shy.

but there is no doubt in my mind that she is into you.

i mean you dont just go around blushing at boys.

its unrealistic.

i would ask her again, and bring up this little incident.

like hopefully it doesnt make things even more awkward than they might already be.

hopefully i helped.

good luck with her.
ask her out and tell her you've had a crush on her. i know i would lloooove if any guy told me that. im serious she will be yours in an instant. shes just telling u she doesnt like you because she does, believer me, ask her out anyways, lik on a fun date, then surprise her with a little kiss, like at the movies or somethin. buy her popcorn
its kind of hard to say with not that much information,

but it sounds like she either likes you, but is afraid to say so..

maybe because shes afraid of getting hurt or something?

then maybe she just stares off at random times, and accidently looks at someone. i do that alot. haha.

hope it works out=)
I have blushed before around a guy I did not like. Maybe she was just zoned out.

Does she know you have a crush on her? If she doesn't maybe she is just insecure and did not want to tell you that she liked you when you asked.
Maybe she was blushing for some other reason and maybe she just doesn't want to admitt to liking you for some reason (she thinks you don't like her that way, she's embarrased, afraid, etc.)
She's probably embarrassed that you caught her, and too afraid to admit that she likes you. Just be cool about it. Don't make her nervous about this, b/c that won't help the situation.
She's not going to flat out tell you that she likes you, which she probably does. And if you like her, don't ask her if she likes you back, just ask her out. Here's to matchmaking... @
Since when does blushing mean a girl likes you? Maybe she was genuinely embarrassed because you told her you liked her and she didn't reciprocate.
maybe she is scared on the comitment. she might like you just not ready for a relationship. have you asked her to go on dates or just hanging out as friends? try that and see what happens. good luck!
Maybe she's shy and is embarrassed that someone likes her, or she doesn't want to admit she likes you because she doesn't know if you like her

a. shes really shy

b. you intimidate her by staring at her....yeah this falls under a

c. she probably isnt ready

d. yeahh umm i just think she may not feel comfortable with you looking at her....

gud luck =]
she problably is too scared to admit it

maybe she doesnt want to be embarrassed. she problably likes you, but thats problably it
maybe shes changing her mind!;鈥?/a>
Girls like attention. We only blush if we think the person that is staring at us is attractive. So I am thinking that she probably is just nervous around you. She might be some-what interested.

Hope I helped!
well thats because u caught her staring so she got shy,she likes u, just pretend not 2 notice next time wait no nvm that would b mean, just tell her u knoo she likes ya!!^_^
maybe she just is shy to tell you she likes you back...

answer my question

either shes embarrased that you think she might like you and she doesnt,

or shes afraid that you wont like her so shes not telling you.
maybe because she finds it strange that you stare...

or she lied and she really does like you?

ask her out.
He probably like you.

I just called my crush and he asked if I like him, but I said no.

But I really do.
she must be nervous , because she think that you think that she likes you.
maybe she was a bit embarrassed by the fact that someone was staring at her.
maybe she secretly likes you but doesn't want to reveal herself?
maybe it was because you caught her staring.
she likes you

she's shy

she wants you to make the first move

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