Thursday, June 24, 2010

How to feel okay with blushing around a guy I like?

If I'm around someone I like I feel my face go warm and find away to avert my face. I hate feeling insecure about blushing. Any tips would be great. Is there a way you cope?How to feel okay with blushing around a guy I like?
jus try not to feel nervous get more physical wit em wen u start 2 feel urself blush theres no use in hidin it cuz he already knows u like em if u blush everytime u se em he probably noticed that the first time u seen em but dont be shy about i used 2 blush too but i broke out of it i havent blust in years i dont think i can anymore but yea try not to be shy about it jus go wit the flowHow to feel okay with blushing around a guy I like?
dont hide it, I think its cute when a girl blushes in front of me, it lets me know she likes me, so dont worry so much about it
imagine yourself in a place you feel comfortable alone... like your room or something. Happens to me all the time... but my teacher makes fun of him and i anyways, if that doesnt work just space out of everythin like in trance or hypnotic trance...
I wouldn't worry about it. Most guys like it when a girl blushes. It seems the only person uncomfortable about blushing is the girl in a situation. Besides, you wont give anything away that you don't want to. Everyone likes a girl who smiles a lot.


  1. Be yourself when talking to someone you like. Do not try to be cool as this will put you under more strain. Recognize that if this person is worth getting to know better your How to Stop Blushing will not put him off in any way. If it does, he is a very shallow person, and you are best finding this out at an early stage, before wasting any more time on him.

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