Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Guys: Is it cute when girls blush when they talk to you? (Girls can answer too)?

I blush a lot, but only when talking to guys and when I'm around the guy i like. I think it makes it pretty obvious that i like him...

I was wondering if guys thought it was cute when girls blushed!

Thanks!!!Guys: Is it cute when girls blush when they talk to you? (Girls can answer too)?
Yes! I happen to think that is is very cute! I love to make my girlfriend blush.

Now, it gets kinda ackward when I make other girls blush, but still cute. I just happen to be loyal to my gf.

But blushing girls, yes, very cute.Guys: Is it cute when girls blush when they talk to you? (Girls can answer too)?
Yeah, it's really cute. I really don't mind shy girls until they are TOO shy. You know, when you just stop talking or you try to make small talk and it's awkward...

I was at this club a few months ago. And I saw this girl I knew a little. We always talked and it was fun. We were making fun of each other and I really enjoyed being with her. And then, we went dancing and we kissed.

After that, she was so doll. I can understand that a girl can be shy, but the way she acted was awkward. You know the kind of girl you ask her something and instead of answering, she laughs....and you are on the phone with her...ugh...
Lol yeah i think its cute, makes them look somewhat prettier and funny too. Funny in a good way btw. Also makes the conversation more fun and gives more ideas to me what to talk about.

But most of all, yes it does make some girls look cute.
do it a lot too its a self confidence thing.

If a nice girl blushed and smiled looking me in the eye i would probobly blush back nd find it cute so yes. :D
well kinda, it depends what they blush on, if they guy makes a stupid comment about u then no, but if the mood is good and so on ya, it nice.
depends what yo mean by cute, i like it as it makes me aware of your feelings towards me, and sometimes it just makes you look quit nice .... :)
it depends how much they blush becoming red in the face is not cute but a little blushing is ok
Yes, very cute! Do it for me just one time!
yeah but it also depends what comes out her mouth if she's embarrased lol
I think it shows that they like you.
yeah i think its cute
It's ok but I can do without it.
yeah i think so
i have the same problem, but i don't really think its nice
yes it is, we love it when you can show emotion without freaking out.
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