Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How to apply blush?

Well I have a scar type thing on my face that almost looks like a bruise and its quite noticable. How would i apply blush without making the scar even more noticable?How to apply blush?
Well besides finding a color of blush that flatters your skin complexion and is dark enough to cover the scar I would suggest two things

-a concealer

or maybe something to rid you of the scar forever!

If it is a raised scar I would suggest a Microdermabrasion Set


If it is a discoloration I would suggest Even Complexion Essence. I use it for my scars and absolutely love it! It does take 4 weeks to begin to see lasting results! Well you as well as I know scars take a little time to manifest and so does getting rid of them.


Also I have used Mederma on a scar I have from being burned on my arm and one of the keloids is 2/3's its size! It also helped with discoloration but it is a serious scar remover and will lighten the skin wherever it is placed. Also flakes up really bad after drying so not the most attractive thing for your face except at night!



valerie.graham@marykay.comHow to apply blush?
Put some concealer on (if the scar is red use green concealer, if it is darker use yellow) then apply your foundation as usual, and use a blush brush and just lightly dust it on your cheek starting at the apple and moving up towards the temple. You should feel like your making a checkmark on your cheek.
use a really dark blush then apply.
im not sure.. i have alittle skin discoloration in one tiny spot on my cheek and nothing works..
you probily want to use some coverup on it and then put a starwberry blush on the top of it!!

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