Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What can i do to stop blushing?

I used to have this problem. It's all in the mind. Every time you go to blush you need to think of something else. When you are in a situation when somebody says something you feel uncomfortable talking about, you would naturally change the topic of the conversation. It's just that in this situation it's in your mind. You need to build up your personal confidence and instead of thinking ';oh no, I'm going red again'; (cause this makes it worse doesn't it?) you think to yourself ';I wonder how long it is until lunchtime'; or even start a conversation with someone about something totally different (like the weather) than what you were thinking that made you blush. After doing this for a couple of weeks you'll find it comes naturally and the confidence gained will prevent you from blushing altogether. Good luck.What can i do to stop blushing?
I am adding this to my watch list, I blush so easily it's even more embarrassing which makes you blush even more lol!What can i do to stop blushing?
stop farting in public places!!!
wrong category
i suggest a mask.

see slipknot for further details.
why would you wanna hide your blush?? It s absolutely sweet and honest!

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