Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Help!! I couldn't go out today to buy blush, i need it what can I use as a alternate?

Seriously, I've been really pale and washed out latelyHelp!! I couldn't go out today to buy blush, i need it what can I use as a alternate?
Before I used to get a clear container and put

a little bit of concealer since it has pigments

and blends well, and I would mix it with pink

sparkly eyeshadow. And mix them up and it

would make the perfect liquid blush.

EDIT: LIPSTICK usually makes people break

out because its formulated ingredients is for

the lips not the face. Thats why I use concealer

its made for the face.Help!! I couldn't go out today to buy blush, i need it what can I use as a alternate?
Use lipstick!! Or Just pinch your cheeks alot!!
You can use lipstick or lipgloss thats a pretty red or pink, just make sure to smudger it in really well. Also they usually have shimmer in them so it gives you a nice glowy look.
all you have to do is put a little bit of lipstick on your cheeks and then rub it in it works really good!!!
eyeshadow always works
run, it will get ur cheeks red, or lipstick
Lipstick or gloss..dot it on ..up your cheekbone %26amp; blend it with your middle %26amp; ring fingers. Even the all day lipstick will blend if you hurry. My Grandma %26amp; my Mom both used lipstick. In the olden days you used what you had. My Mom used to scoop it out of her tube with her little finger %26amp; do her lips %26amp; cheeks...didn't throw tube away till it was EMPTY~!
try an eyeshadow similar to a blush color.

or bronzer. thats good too.
Ah, what I do a lot of the time when I am working and I do not have blush colours handy for a client - Eyeshadow in the colour that you want for blush (peach, pink are the most common).

A bronzer can be used as an alternate as well. It gives a sun kissed glow to your face, provided you have the right colour for your skin tone.

You can use lipstick, but I find lipstick too creamy as I like powder blushers rather then cream ones. Whatever works for you though, go for it!
You could just pinch your cheeks like how they did in the olden days. Or some pink-ish eyeshadow works too.
Lip stick duh.=]
Do you have any bronzer? That'll give you some color.
Don't use lipstick or gloss, it will clog your pores and if you put too much on you'll be to red. Use a pink eyeshadow.

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