Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Any tips on now to stop blushing?

I sit opposite a fit guy in maths and can't stop myself from blushing even when I only look at him. It's driving me NUTS!! Any tips that won't make it seem obvious that I'm trying not to blush?

Cheers xxAny tips on now to stop blushing?
Good luck on that. :) I haven't figured it out yet. However, it's not a bad trait to have. Lots of guys think it's cute when a girl blushes. So far it's worked for me, lol. Any tips on now to stop blushing?
After observing myself, when I blush, I'm usually in a situation that makes me so nervous that makes me stop breathing. When I realize this, what I do is make a concious effort to breath normally and then, my blood circulation goes back to normal. and my blush goes away.
Haha most people don't notice when someone else is blushing. I would suggest don't think about it too much...when you think ';oh my goodness I'm blushing'; its only going to cause you to blush more. Next time he looks at you and you feel your face getting red take a deep breath, ignore it and it will go away. Plus I'm pretty sure guys think its cute when a girl blushes, or so I'm told lol. Hope that helped!! :)

I wouldn't worry too much about. In fact it's probably a good thing since he now knows you fancy him and is more likely to ask you out. Blushing is cute. If you still have problems you might want to check this out:


You'll find that as you get older your blushing will reduce. Hope it helps!
whenever i feel like im going to blush i start singing a song in my head that i heard earlier or think of something funny that happened to me. if i think im going to blush big time i talk to someone next to me lol
Yes if you feel that you are blushing try to take in deep breaths and just calm down. Just put your hands on your face like as if you were bored in class and take deep breaths....try not to get so excited. Good luck!
put on some cover up to keep your skin at an even tone.

when you feel yourself blushing try to think about something else and lean your head on your hand in class to conver up the side of your face he sees.
Smile whenever he looks at you and he won't notice anything
That's really creepy...I was just going to ask a question kinda like this, hahah. Hope you get good answers!
go tannin
pinch yourself or bit your lip

lmfao thats what i do! :P

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