Thursday, June 24, 2010

How to stop blushing!?

I dont know what to do. I ust to talk to this guy alot. But now all of sudden this week i cant stop blushing. Its soo anoying and embarising. Everything is now all weird. Everytime he talks to me i cant reply or i will blush. I dont think i like him either . hmhm idk. Please give me some tips to stop blushing . =] thanksHow to stop blushing!?
It seems that you're in love with this guy, and it's your first time to fall in love. I want to say that you're just a person and the guy is only a person too; yes he is not like the others but he is not God. My advice is that just try to be simple and think simply. don't exaggerate things, people have fallen in love and they behave with simplicity. With time, you will look normal in front of him. Relax, blushing is a habit in first time you fall in love and even after.How to stop blushing!?
OMG, I always blush and its so annoying! I do it when im the center of attention, even if im not embarrassed, i still blush ! so I feel your sympathy.

try alot of coverup. I cant because I have freckles and it would just look really weird, but try it!

You also might be blushing alot more than usual if you have fair skin?
I'm an adult and God if I don't still blush **blush**

Too much depends on your personality(I mean you said you mebbe don't like him.....or do you.....), your upbringing, so instead of trying to help you with what I do, I looked up this link for you; professionals help and give more details

From one blusher to another :-)
think of something cold. picture yourself in a freezing pool or drinking a cold drink. also to accept that you have gone red normally helps you from getting any redder!

but generally i wouldnt worry - blushing is very attractive to boys and if he likes you, he wont mind :)
No possible way. Blushing is involuntary. Sorry.
Deep breaths.. Stop thinking for a moment and just calm down and relax.

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