Thursday, June 24, 2010

How not to blush in front of everyone?

well i have to be the narrator of a play today but iam just so freaked out i mean i really cant go to the font of the class because ill blush and worst i have to read! Well i think my fear is not getting shy but rather blushing it freaks me out knowing that iam blushing i just hate it and everyone will make fun of me too. what can i do to not blush!?How not to blush in front of everyone?
take deep, strong and long breaths (it works for me)

also try to get into your own space and kinda zone out to the class though that might nbe hard in a play lol

just dont over think it will make it 100x worse

good luckHow not to blush in front of everyone?
Very deep calming breaths. Breathe in slowly from your nostrils and exhale from your mouth in a rush. (This is yoga breathing.) While narrating, do what you have to do and don't stare into anyone's eyes. When you have to look upon your audience, look at them as a whole, but keep them out of focus. Smile and know that you will get through the play and that later, when it's all over, you can go home and relax.

Most importantly, have fun with this novel experience. It is going to seem absolutely surreal to you when it's done and over with.
Blushing is cute.

Don't worry about it. Just be yourself.

I bet you are pretty.

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