Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is sharing blush with a friend bad?

i got a new face blush just recently and my friend wanted to try it today and i didn't wanna be rude and say no so i let her, she didn't use my brush but her own, however is that bad? cause i know sharing make-up brushes can def. lead to acne and bacteria on face but what about that actual blush itself? i don't want to be wasteful and throw away thirty bucks but i also don't want to have it cause pimples or anything on my face. what should i do?Is sharing blush with a friend bad?
well if you both or even one of you have oily skin its probably a bad idea. Especially if your doing it everyday. But I wouldnt really worry about it. What girl doesnt share make up with her best friend.Is sharing blush with a friend bad?
Sharing your blush can't really hurt, especially if she is using her own brush. However, definitely do NOT share your eyeliner or mascara with her. This can cause you to get a stye, it's like a huge pimple on your eye that takes quite a few weeks for it to go away. Most girls understand about not sharing eyeliner and mascara though, because styes are not pretty. If you google it on images you'll see what I mean. Blush though, can't really cause any harm.
no, i don't think it's bad. i share my blush with 2 of my friends cuz that's the one thing they always forget if they spend the night at my house! haha. but yeah, it hasn't made me breakout or anything so i think it's fine.
It's ok to share face makeup, but don't share any eyes makeup or lip products. That can lead to bacteria. Sharing blush is fine.

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