Thursday, June 24, 2010

Have you ever had such a nice compliment it made you blush?

Only when I was a kid ... about 4 or 5 years old ... cause I didn't know what to say.

I did have a lady grab my butt once ... I had no idea who she was. She said some pretty strong things and I was shocked (and happy!)

We eventually moved in together.Have you ever had such a nice compliment it made you blush?
Yes, except it wasn't really a compliment, a prophet visiting our fellowship was prophesying about me. He told me God is not disappointed with me and that in fact I am His favourite daughter. Not only made me blush it made me cry.Have you ever had such a nice compliment it made you blush?
I can not tell a lie, my dear friend you know me too well I am the 'queen' at blushing. You would think at our age there would not be much to make us blush anymore. I still blush when I read something that makes me blush %26amp; I am all alone, thats pretty bad. I feel my face on fire especially during a speech in front of strangers. I have just learned to wear red so its not as noticeable. Hope it works:)

Have a great weekin:)
yes someone said ';oh i just love your face you are so lucky,then they sighed and turned to me and said... ';lucky, YOU'RE actually pretty.';

i went red and giggled girlishly

someone complimented on my singing once, i can't remember what they said but i know i totally blushed. Hehehe. oh no i'm blushing right now!!!
For the most part, I have a hard time accepting compliments.

It's not that I do not appreciate them. Just really hard on myself.

But yes, I have had comments that were extremely nice and made

me blush. Especially from my bf.
Yes, when Makwa made a compliment on my physical attributes. Had no idea until then that I was ';exceptional.';
{{{blushes }}} You bet ! You would think that at my age I could remain unfazed , lol.

Nope , bright as a beat ! lmao .

Happy Weekend , JB . Zzid :)
REO, yes. Some ';old'; ladies at church were oohing and ahhing about how ';handsome'; I was and I turned red as a beet (so I'm told and often reminded of---lol).
Yes, when people tell me I'm handsome, whilst I believe I'm the ugliest creature on the face of this planet and don't mind killing myself!
I have,

It was, i think you have very nice rosy cheeks.
I don't usually blush but when people tell me my hands are soft I go bright red, can't really explain why.
yes, I blush easily. It can get really embarrassing.
Believe it or not...Bodacious does blush....But where is another story..Oh that made me laugh..I just so amuse myself!
I was once told my horns were very cute, but you couldn't see me blush under all my red hair
Not in recent history.
Yes. Isn't that one of the most awesome feelings in the world?Everyone needs it once in a while....
Yes but it was really nice so I liked it even though it made me blush.
ya, but its usually out of embarassment
ALL compliments make me blush!
I have a hard time accepting compliments. Keep them coming, I need the practice.
Haha, yeah

hahaha no the only times dudes compliment me si when they are thinking about having sex with me.
Yes,and i don't blush that easy
I just smile and take the blushing for me..;)
Not even close... :(
most compliments do that. hense the term.
Yes, just last night Al...Pacino for those who do not know...said my eyes were like 2 green havens waiting to lure him to the ultimate...well..anyway...yes
Once my friend told me that I should keep my hair off my face..

I was more beautiful that way. xD

I blushed. A lot. xD
Yes I have.
YEP!!!Those are the best! only makes me laugh....hahaha

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