Thursday, June 24, 2010

Do Nars and Mac blush clog your pores?

I want to buy the mac blush in gingerly and the Nars blush in orgasm, but I want to make sure that I won't break out and I don't want my pores clogged, how do you like their blushes?Do Nars and Mac blush clog your pores?
Ignore the first answer.

I do have the Nars and Mac blushes and use them consistently,since they have become a must-have for me, and im sure many others.

But if you are worried about breaking out from the products, I suggest you go to Sephora and try the Nars blush for a day, and if your skin develops some sort of irritating reaction or you break out the next day, then do not purchase the product. Same with MAC.

I have combination skin, and I was aware that Nars and Mac blushes may clog pores, but so far, its been all good for me and my skinDo Nars and Mac blush clog your pores?
No blushes dont clog your pores, but just make sure you remove your makeup properly at night and wash your face with a cleanser. I LOVE Nars blushes over MAC they are wayy more pigmented, quality is way better (has a mirror what girl wouldn't like that?) I bought my Nars Angelika blush in January and i've still got it, its just as new and the pan is still not showing up and i use it EVERYDAY :D
you should be fine, it's just mainly talc powder

but if you're concerned, try it for a can always take it back

and that thing about nars being harmful is bull. you can link anything to diseases or cancer. i mean, the site even said that talc was bad for you, which is the main ingredient in any powder...even physicians formula

so don't worry about it, you'll be fine
I'm not sure about Mac, but Nars can harm your skin. If you look it up on skin deep cosmetic database you can see it is harmful. I recommend Physicians formula blush because it isn't harmful and gives a really nice glow. Although some say nars looks nice, it can harm you in the long haul. I advise against it! The link below shows why. Good Luck!
That depends on your skin.

If it breaks you out, it might not break me out. Nothing is guaranteed to not break someone out.

Buy them, try them out for a week or so, and see if you break out more. If you do, return them.
All makeup clogs your pores.

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