Tuesday, June 22, 2010

P O L L - How do i stop blushing?

I always go red when talking to people that i dont know or that i like. It quite annoying, how can i stop. Sometimes it even happens in normal situations when im talkinng to my mates. Im not shy but i don't talk the most either.P O L L - How do i stop blushing?
dont talk to peopleP O L L - How do i stop blushing?
Some people just seem to do it more and it can go on a long time - the thing is to try and not worry about it. A friend who was a few years older used to blush all the time, but she cheerily laughed it off and I began to realise that while people might subconsciously notice you are blushing, it is no big deal to them.

If you can maintain a conversation and your composure that will be what people will be more aware of and it does get easier if you keep talking to people.
Blushing occurs when your capillaries dilate to let blood rush into your cheeks - causing the ';blush';

it's most probably an innate biological reaction, you have to figure out what initiates this if possible, then do something about it. If not then just live with it, it's not so bad.
I think you should not worry about it because it is only natural that happens I think the body has it reasons why that happens?

And how to stop it don't think there is any cure for naturally blushing.
practice talking in front of the mirror, pretend like your in front of a huge crowd or in front of friends,

then you'll be more confident when you talk, and the redness may go away

im not an expert on this,

just my opinion on what i would do

Please answer?

Take a public speaking class. It will probably lessen on a one on one conversation once you feel comfortable in front of a group. I have a friend that blushes a lot but she doesn't think anything of it. Just part of her personality. No biggy.
Did you just ask this?

ok heres what i say Don't Talk To People

see it's not that hard . . . . . . is it
I blush when I talk in front of a lot of people :(

you could just not pay attention and perhaps imagine you are somewhere else, doing something relaxing such as swimming lol
dont worry about it. at least when youre talking to people you like they dont notice any difference cause you always blush. unlike me who never turns red or giggles unless im talking to someone i like=C
you cant thats what you are i do this to

or use facial toner to cover the blush

my poll

Cover your face with white face paint

no one will even notice the blushing
You have too much energy. Try and practice focusing it on your brain or your muscles.
Say why am I blushing? And try to get yourself to stop!
Try to gain some confidence.
wear really dark pink blusher - then people wont notice you are blushing
maybe take deep breaths??

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