Thursday, June 24, 2010

How could you stop blushing?

see every time this guy that i like gets next to me and i just turn pink and start blushing, what could i do to stop blushing, so i wont make it too obvious that i like that guy.How could you stop blushing?
lol this may sound weird but just breath deeply and think of a cool place. your face turns hot so think of cold water or ice cubes. if your hands are cool put them on your face. my friends embarrass me infront of this really hot guy in one of my classes they always tell me i turn red. but if you just think to yourself no its not happening it probably isnt.How could you stop blushing?
First thing stop being afraid and tell him how you feel you never know he might feel the same way too, let him know that you like him and he brighten up your day, i sure he notice when your smiling a lot when he comes around. just let him no. the only thing i can say is think of somebody doing something you don't like and its making you mad!
even if i think about the guy i like i turn red!!! There really isn't anything you can do about it, it's a condition called Rosacea, and many people have this sympton. ITs really not a big deal, its okay most people like it :)
Just slap yourself
You can't stop blushing. It has to run it's course.
cant do mcuh sry let it go

plz help?鈥?/a>
try to think of something totally not funny.

or put ur hands on ur face so he wont notice or maybe it will help.
Turn your face
try not to think about it

hide your face...

act indifferent if you can control it
i had the same problem. just dont think of him as you liking him... just think of him as a friend
wear lots of bronzer of your cheeks : D
just think of someone realy ugly and gay like chuck norris or the worlds fattest man

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