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Does wearing make-up everyday (foundation, blush, powder, etc) ruins your skin?

Even if you clean your skin at night and take all make-up out, does wearing make-up every single day ruins your skin and makes it look older over time?Does wearing make-up everyday (foundation, blush, powder, etc) ruins your skin?
my mom is 45 and my aunt is like two years younger. they have both worn makeup their whole lives (and taken it off at night) and everyone thinks they look like teenagers, especially my mom. i've actually had guys I liked say she was hot. (and my aunt goes tanning everyday, and has been going for years!) they both used moisturizers at night so that may be why.Does wearing make-up everyday (foundation, blush, powder, etc) ruins your skin?
NO it wont- there are many reasons why makeup can actually benefit your skin, so for those of you who have been mis-informed here's a little education.

First of all I want to clear the myth that makeup clogs your pores... Yes, some do, if they have certain types of oil (Mineral Oil) in them. However, many foundations don't clog, if they claim to be NON-Comedogenic they will not clog your pores. Read ingredients and labels.

Secondly, most makeup nowdays has sunscreen. SPF is your main defense in anti-aging!! A definite benefit for skin in the long run.

Third, many high quality foundations (not cheap crap at the drugstore)come with additional skincare and treatment benefits such as antioxidants, added moisture for dry skin, or oil control for oily or acne prone skin, there are even natural minerals in some forms of makeup. There are so many different types that do good things for your skin! And you will pay a pretty penny to get these benefits.

Lastly, makeup can provide enviromental protection to the skin. Besides the antioxidants in many formulas, makeup creates a barrier between skin and the environment. Pollution, smoke and other stuff out there sticks to it, so when you wash your face you remove all this junk that may have gotten into your pores! :) hope I helped out
Yes it definitely does.

Wearing it for hours on end everyday clogs your pores so your pores are clogged even if you wash it off.Try to use mineral foundation :)

That being said though, if you have perfect skin and use foundation in moderation you can still mantain good skin.

My nan is 73 and she wore it in moderation when she was younger and she would wash it off with a noxzema cleanser and icey water and her skin is soooo perfect! It's soft as soft can be and hardly and wrinkes and no spots.

Mantaining a good skin care routine and makeup in moderation is fine :)
well i ONLY wear eye liner (and that's it!) 5 times a week, or when i'm going out, when i'm at home i NEVER wear it, organic surprisingly looks good on me, but so does makeup. lolz. well here's the thing i exfoliate every night and well the eyeliner comes off easily, so far so good 4 me. but you seem to be using quite a far bit. BUT FOUNDATION EVERY DAY IS SUPER BAD!!!! it clogs up all your pores and you get acne and irritation, can cause wrinkles. if you stop wearing it, you won't need it because you won't have acne to cover up. DUH.

im not going to lie to you here

i used to have really really really nice skin and now its really bad with lots of pimples and dry oily skin

so my advice is dont wear makeup everyday

or try not to at least

if you dont like your skin and you want to use foundation everyday to make yourself feel nicer, go to wals pharmacy and theres alot of skin , moisterising creams that make your skin look gorgeous and you wouldnt need to wear makeup
definitely only use mineral concealor OR foundation, or a good tinted moisturiser on your skin. makeup can make your skin look healthier but it wont really be that healthy. i think a mazimum of 3 products five days a week will be fine for your skin, but no more as YES IT WILL BE BAD FOR YOUR SKIN, as you cant get every bit of makeup off once it has sunk into your pores during the day. =]
Yeah, foundation does block your pores and apparently lipstick also slowly lessens the original colour of your lips.

Read this if you're interested:

i don't really know for sure but i think it is bad if you wear it everyday like all the time.it's like they say; ';too much of anything is good for nothing';.

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