Thursday, June 24, 2010

How Can I Stop Blushing?

I always blush! I am always red. If the teacher says i am wrong then i blush and then people say ';look hes blushing'; and then i blush even more!

What should i do???How Can I Stop Blushing?
I blush a lot too, it sucks I know! What helps me is the minute I feel like I am starting to blush I focus on something in the room like a pen, and just think about it, study it and wonder what country it was made in etc. That way I am distracted from the fact that I am blushing and it normally goes away fairly quickly! Hope this helps!! :)How Can I Stop Blushing?
I wish i could answer you! I have the same exact problem! If I'm caught off guard or the teacher calls on me, my face turns bright red and my cheeks feel like they re on fire then I feel even more embarrassed because I'm completely red! I've been putting a powder foundation on my cheeks to lessen the red when it happens, but your a boy so that wouldnt help you out. If I'm more confortable with the class and the teacher then I'm less likely to blush even if I do get an answer wrong, I don't know how you could become more comfortable with the class though! Sorry.
thats exactly like me..sorry but nothings worked..if i know im blushing i always just look down or something..and i hate it when people point it out, im just like 'yeah i know' grr its really irritating..only if im really comfortable around certain people then i wont blush..people think im always really shy but im not..i've taken a couple if theatre classes and that might have worked a little because you always have to talk and be in the center of attention so after a while maybe you'll get used to it..idk
i'm soo sorry, i have the same problem too but i'm working on it. my whole face goes red and it's so unattractive. but here's some tips to help:

1). drink a liter of ICE cold water, this helps cool you down. and if people ask why you're drinking water, say it's because your throat is sore or something.

2). breathe in and out deeply.

3). try not to think about it. (that's really hard though)

4). when you feel you're about to blush, push your stomach out.

5). ';hypnotize yourself'; with a necklace, and just swing it back and forth for 10 minutes everyday. it will help, trust me!
i also have the same problem, but when i start blushing i try to calm down, because when i blush, i start to blush even more, so just try calming down whenever you do turn red, hope i helped
You cant really stop it. just try to relax and don't make it a big deal. then you wont blush anymore. No one really cares if you do blush.
i do the same thing and i ama girl

except i get tears in my eyes

lol it funny

but the guys in my class say its cute on my

and i blush even more rofl
it's cute, don't worry!

there's a really funny guy in one of my classes who turns so, so red when he's embarrassed! so every time he cracks a joke he blushes. haha :D
then don't be so embarassed about everything and don't stress about it
Blushings so cute. (:

Don't worry about it. Unless you're whole face turns red, you'll be fine.
Aww blushing is so cute, specially for guys. Don't worry about it.
just calm down, its all in your head, you just get nervous alot, try not to!

chill out, dro would help haha jk

hope i helped!
got the same problem man

It is impossible

I just try to keep myself out of the situations
hmmm thats a tough one haha

some people just cant help that maybe drink some water to cool you down or something
it is a natural body function and you can't stop it... sorry
wear whiter makeup and no blush
dont worry bout it ; i do the same thing sometimes
thats good, means your healthy. dont worry about it tomato face
idk hmmmm maybe someone you know will think it's cute. i think it is

it is sooo cute!

i wish i could blush.

%26gt; _ %26gt;

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