Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I always blush when someone talks about the person?

i like. also whenever the person I like talks to me I blush.

and they notice.

How do I train myself to not blush?!?!I always blush when someone talks about the person?
It would be so much better to train other people to the fact that you're blushing, in a humorous way: ';Guys, here comes my blush!';

Anxiety is a big thing when it comes to blushing, and if you make it known that you will blush, you'll be less anxious. Right, because you'll be busy laughing, and the result will be that you will be blushing much less as time goes.

I always blush when someone talks about the person?
you can control it! this happends to me all the time but i know how to control myself you just have to immidietly think bout something else its like you think ok its ok its ok and still talk and everything just try to relax and not pay attention to it its kinda hard at first but then it starts getting real easy and it works believe me! =]
It happens....and its pretty normal....as other ppl say,,,it's also a sign of cuteness...so cheers.....but if you are really depressed, I could tell you one trick......itz a mind game......we blush because we are in awe of the other person and our mind is full of the other person's face or personality......what you can do is create an attitude in your mind that the other person is not so great......before you meet, completely hate the other person for their positive points....like if they have looks, hate them for their looks....hate any traits that you are in awe of.....naturally, when you meet that person, you wont be so shy, maybe you would get a certain attitude which could help you in building relationship.......do this for the first few days that you meet...and gradually by the time you come to know more about that person, you would be relaxed.....Hope this helps you....cheers again...
You can't control it. Its just a feeling you have. I blush a lot too and sometimes its imbarassing but guys will think its cute cause it shows that you like them. Blush as much as you want cause it shows that you are human too! You just express your feelings very easily which is good because some people have problems with expressing their feelings.
Blushing, or ';Face Boners';, is not uncommon. The only way to stop getting that reaction is to stop feeling. Try a low dose of prescription pain killers, and then increase the dose gradually until you can no longer maintain your own bowel. Your blushing/whining problem will cease for sure!
I don't think there is away to train yourself. Just listen to her but tell yourself in your head blah blah blah and don't think about how pretty she is and how much you like her.
I used to be like that, and I don't even know how it stopped.

But you know, you don't have to train yourself not to blush... it's kind of cute.
You can't train yourself not to blush, but that's cute!

get with that person that your blushing about haha maybe your really into this person
Think of them as some one you have known a long time, think of them as some one you talk to all the time.
you squeeze ur minge until you start to cry. you won't blush anymore

i can guarantee it.
this happens to me all the time!

dont know how to help you though sorry!! its soo annoying!
just blush..

its cute
Im the same:

But, just try to learn that people think it's endearing!

Blushing is really sweet and innocent :)

lol...u cant

at least she knows u like her (either that or u just wet urself)

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