Thursday, June 24, 2010

What does it mean if a woman blushes?

What causes a woman to blush? What does it mean? What does a blush look like?What does it mean if a woman blushes?
It means she is discomfited for some reason - but it may be a good or a bad sign, depending. She may be close to a person who fancies, so she feels slightly uncomfortable, but likes it - which is good; she may also be offended, which is not good; or anything in between.

The blush is caused by blood rising up to the head, and colouring up the face (with a colour ranging from rosy to deep-red) - the cheeks first, but the deep blush may go down the neckline.What does it mean if a woman blushes?
It means she fancies me!
It mean she is really felling someone that is near her.
When she gets embarrased by something that she said / done or when someone says something to her which makes her embarrased. The only person that can embarrass me is my boss and no way do i fancy him. Mines just shyness.
Blushing occurs when your blood starts flowing faster. Usually

when provoked by an adrenaline flow which is caused by

excitement, embarrassment, unexpected thoughts in your

own mind (wishful or not).

Visible blush is when you go red in the face or cheeks.

It is a natural signal that you should be prepared for

something you hope or not to happen. It is perfectly

normal, but obviously fair skinned people show it to a greater

degree. Even animals have a blushing effect under their fur.

It is a signal that you are ready for whatever is brewing up.

When nothing surprises you any longer, life is boring.

Keep on blushing. PS. Men also blush!
it means shes embarrassed by something,it looks like a red face
she's either a too hot, or b embarrassed by something, her cheeks will go red and warm to the touch
usually means menopause
It might even mean that she suffers from rosacea, or maybe that your flies are undone! Are you telling me you've never seen someone blush?
orange surrealism....
What does a blush look like? How do you reach up to the keyboard, little one?
It means you left your flies open...
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