Thursday, June 24, 2010

Never had fin rot (blush) Will Malachite green, methylene blue and acriflavine fix?

It a muli-fix treatment i have. I bought a betta with fin rot and its advanceing quite quick. Will my mulit fix be ok or should i get a specific treatment? I actully never had fin rot in the few years ive been keeping fish. Had jsut about everything else though lol. ThanksNever had fin rot (blush) Will Malachite green, methylene blue and acriflavine fix?
Yes that should work, like the first person said though if you could get ahold of Maracyn, that's my choice. It contains a strong medicine called erythromycin that's good because it won't kill off the good bacteria. The combo of Malachite green and acriflavine will most likely be just fine. Here's a cool little article for you, it list's the different combos of meds and what they are good for.鈥?/a>

Fin rot if caught early like you seem to have done is not a real threat. Its kinda similar to Ick, it takes a long time and lots of stress to kill the fish. If you start treating now your Betta should make a full recovery and not be too stressed out over the whole ordeal.

You only keep your Betta in a 10 gallon ???? You bad girl Angel, they need a 100 gallon minimum haven't you heard ? lol Check out this question,;鈥?/a> This dude was serious when he first asked it. : )Never had fin rot (blush) Will Malachite green, methylene blue and acriflavine fix?
I've tried Malachite green but to be honest I didn't see any improvements at all. Tri-sulfer tablets work pretty well for me. Maracyn and Maracyn 2 used together is apparantly a very good method, though i've never been able to get my hands on any to try it. He's in a descent tank so hopefully it will clear up easily. The multi-fix should work but if it's advancing at a fast rate then i would go with something stronger.

Best of luck :)
A quick search informed me that Maracyn and Maracyn II in combination tend to be good. And, furthermore, that Methylene Blue and Malachite Green can work if applied directly to the fins.

Personally, I have never tried either of these. I've dealt with finrot before, years ago, on neon tetras, but I don't remember how I cured it; just that it took a while.鈥?/a>

I would say try using what you have. The acrivflavin is a great and paired with the methylene blue should do the trick.

Don't forget to add stress coat and melafix regularly with your water changes.

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