Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is it good to use blush on ur face iam not sure if it clogs up your pores??

i love using blush it brings out my face i use cover girl its like a medium pink color but recently i been breaking out on my cheeks so does it clog your pores or am i just using the wrong brandIs it good to use blush on ur face iam not sure if it clogs up your pores??
I think that as long as you wash your face everyday it should be ok. I don't usually wear a lot of make up on my face, i only wear it when i go out so im not 100% positive. Just make sure you wash your face everyday. Do you wear it everyday? and do you go to the gym or do any physical activities with it on? If you do, you should try washing off your make up before you go.Is it good to use blush on ur face iam not sure if it clogs up your pores??
Um.. I'm not sure about that but there is special blush you can buy that has a hydrating feature =)
Hey, it should be ok if you use a pre make up base like the one from
I use Armani liquid blush and I love it. I am allergic to many brands of make-up. I can use Armani, Bare Minerals, some Clinique. Perhaps you are allergic to it as well.
Clinique and No7 are very good. As long as you take off your make- up well and wash your face you should be OK.

Also, if your blusher is getting old it may bring you out in an allergic reaction so get a new one
I'm not very sure on this one. My guess is to buy a blush that is oil-free and is made to not clog pores. I have some foundation made by cover girl and it doesn't clog pores. It should say somewhere on the package.

Good Luck!
I'm not a beautician but I would possibly change the way you apply the blush. Get yourself a new brush or clean your brush straight away under tepid water. Dry brush properly and use sweeping motions on your cheeks, don't dab. If this fails, change your blusher - can't recommend one but it pays to pay that bit more for make-up. Cleanse, tone %26amp; moisturise too!!!
All make-up clogs up your pores. If you use it everyday as well and don't give your skin time get ride of the junk that in it then you will brake out in spots. Give your skin a time out from make-up wash it all off and go for a day of natural beauty.

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