Thursday, June 24, 2010

Who was the last person who made you blush?

this afternoon. Oh! Who? Can't he might lurking around here somewhereWho was the last person who made you blush?
OMG I was talking about this to someone just now.

Today at my job some guy complimented me. He's my coworker. I got a haircut today and he was talking to me and he said ';You know, you are a pretty good looking guy.';

I kept my composure to the best of my ability because I felf that he was being very sincere with that compliment. He was even comfortable enough to say the comment and not add a stupid ';no homo'; at the end. I swear that's what got me. I was shocked. I expected him to say that. But he didn't. I just felt so good about that. He made my day when he said that to me.Who was the last person who made you blush?
My Swim coach...I has having problems with my trunks..

..if you mean emotionally, this girl asked me to the prom..and I had a mini crush on her..just a blush
a girl in my school and girl that goes to my tutoring center
ugh you guys i think. and clarissa, but i can't member which was first.

i'm going back so sleep

*sleeps on daoie's head*
these boys at walmart that were whistling at me %26gt;:/
Not me - but my hubby. My son was trying to breast feed of my husbands pecks. He freaked out. MAN BOOOBS!
A colleague at work. Ooh la la.
My aunt.
The same one who broke my %26lt;3
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