Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Does the Blushing issue ever stop?

I know what it is with the overactive nerve thingy... But, I'm 31 now and in university. This really sucks! Is there anything besides make up lol?Does the Blushing issue ever stop?
lmao the same thing happens to me .. all the time even if someone calls my name loud ... lol i unno how to stop it besides tring to relax....it actually helps to say '; omg im blushing '; its less embarassing . :) * blush *Does the Blushing issue ever stop?
Blushing is an involuntary and natural reaction. You can't stop it. Some people just have rosy cheeks and it isn't blushing, it's just their skin. But, again, you can't fix it unless you cover it up.
You blush because you expect to blush beforehand.

If you can break that thinking, it will disappear.

Forget the 'nerve thingy'. That is a rare condition.

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