Thursday, June 24, 2010

Do girls notice if you blush?

Because i do i little but they dont seem to notice. Im a teenager so the teenage girls might not be able to notice. I just want to kno if u do or u kno most people do.Do girls notice if you blush?
It really depends on your skin tone. If you are fair then there's not much hiding it. If you are well tanned or just naturally darker skin tone it's harder to tell, but yes for the most part, if someone is paying attention, they'll know you're blushing. But don't let that worry you, I don't know a single girl who doesn't love to see a boy blush no matter how young or old. We love it!Do girls notice if you blush?
I am a teenage girl and find it really cute when boys blush because it shows a sign of sincerity. Keep up the cuteness.
I thought I only did a little til a friend thats a girl told me i need to stop blushing so much..but they can definitely tell if your nervous
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