Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Looking for a specific gel blush?

Years ago I had a blush that was a gel in a tube. I could go swimming and it would not come off until I washed with it off with cleanser. Does anyone out there know what company it might have been that made it? I don't think it was Bonnie Belle, but it looked similar to that one. I just can't remember and have not seen it around Ontario for years. Am wondering if I can find out the company that made it if it is available else where.Looking for a specific gel blush?
Look on Sephora. com, drugstore.com or Ulta. com to see if you can find it.Looking for a specific gel blush?
I think AVON carries a gel blush.
well,I know this isnt it, but I use this stuff! Its great and its not all sticky and heavy and cakey!

there is a makeup brand called 'studio gear' that carries gel blush and it works REALLY well and lasts all day.

try looking for it online or @ ulta.
Was it Benetint?
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