Thursday, June 24, 2010

How to stop blushing!?

I dont know what to do. I ust to talk to this guy alot. But now all of sudden this week i cant stop blushing. Its soo anoying and embarising. Everything is now all weird. Everytime he talks to me i cant reply or i will blush. I dont think i like him either . hmhm idk. Please give me some tips to stop blushing . =] thanksHow to stop blushing!?
picture him without his clothes on, oh wait that may make you blush...

I think there is alittle crush there... someone told me never look at a guy with a ';more than friends'; relationship in mind. always look at it as being just friends, all relationships are based on friendship even boyfriends and girlfriends. so loosen up and try not to stress. How to stop blushing!?
i think blushing is really cute and you shouldn't tr and cover it up but if you do just put on some good fondation and then put powder over that and you won't be able to tell you are tip if you start to sweat in pe or whatever you have to make sure it didn't come off:D
breathe! it sounds stupid, but it works. just take a deep breath and calm yourself down before you talk to him.

good luck!
Blushing is natural. And really cute! I don't think you can stop blushing. Maybe try to relax!
I don't think you can, besides its REALLY cute.

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