Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How can I wear cream blush?

Whenever I put it on, it looks really streaky....

advice?How can I wear cream blush?
the first tip is that you can't use cream blush over a powder foundation

once you put on your liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer, use the blush before you set your foundation with a powder. you can put your translucent setting powder over the blush and it'll last all day

when you put the cream blush on, start small and blend bit by bit starting on the apples of your cheek. since cream blush is supposed to produce a natural blushing glow, don't blend alot up into your hairline, concentrate on the applesHow can I wear cream blush?
put a small dot of the cream blush on your cheekbone and use a makeup sponger or a brush if you want and spread the cream up and outwards in like a circular motion to your cheekbone and area and apple of your cheek.

** blend the cream into your hairline to prevent streaks!!
I think it really depends on what kind of brand you are using, I really really suggest Stila convertable lip and cheek color, i love it and it applys natural with NO streaks : )


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