Thursday, June 24, 2010

My skin is like rough and permanitly blushing?

im a male.. any suggestions?My skin is like rough and permanitly blushing?
the rougness means its dry

i dealt with that for years

add quality moisturizers like dove, or olay to you knees, elbows, arms, legs or anywhere else that you think is dry

if your skin has a red pigmintation that means that you have a rosea

its not bad or particularly unatractive, it just means that your skin is more delicate, especially in the facial area

make sure to wash with soaps that are good for sensitive skin and that moisturizes. if you cant find a moisturizing soap then buy a lotion especially made for your dry facial skin

if you dont get any results from this you can see a dermatologist and they can perscribe creams, pills, etc. that can lighten your redness and make it more flesh coloredMy skin is like rough and permanitly blushing?
it sounds like rosacea ?sp?

I would talk to your doctor about it. It can cause permanent scarring if not taken proper care of right now.
Well it can be several things - rosacea, or you can be taking too much niacin, which causes flushing, or lastly, one of the side effects of viagra is flushing. Any can be treated with a doctor's visit.
go 2 walgreens and get some cocoa butter it smells really it works and some chicks dig it when u men smell really good

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