Thursday, June 24, 2010

What does it mean when a guy blushes hard?

I told a guy i liked him, nothing happened, so today i was helping a teacher at lunch today and i asked the teacher if he could ask the guy to help him too so we would be together. Anyways, the teacher asked him and he was like ';she's (me) also gonna be there'; and he turned a tomato red. well he didnt show up at lunch cuz he had a hockey tourny. But he was starring at me after lunch and sorta gave me the evil eye. and he also told his friend about how i told the teacher to ask if he could come (he had no way of knowing this because the teach never told) So whats going on...he likes me or not. Me teacher says that he likes me, he's just TOO shy, is this possible?What does it mean when a guy blushes hard?
he just doesnt want to with u. he might like u because he is dreading the situation because he is very uncomfortable. good luckWhat does it mean when a guy blushes hard?
he's healthy
Dude, he has so got the hots for you, no doubt about it. And furthermore, why would you bring a teacher into this? teachers can't be trusted!
It's possible for a guy to be too yes. He likes you but does not know how to ask you out.

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